Latest Urdu Book Release – ‘Sufism’ by Shaykh M.I.H Pirzada now available

Shaykh Pirzada’s latest Urdu publication is now available for readers

Known for his comprehensive and nourishing manner of writing, Shaykh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada presents his latest Urdu publication titled ‘Sufism’. 

Imam al-Junayd of Baghdad once said: “The path of the Sufis can only be reached by the one whose right hand holds the Qur’an and the left holds the practice (sunnah) of the holy Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and grant him peace); he continues to move forward with the light emanating from these two lamps, so that he does not fall into the pits of superstition nor find himself lost in the darkness of innovation.”

In this book, the author has provided a concise and meaningful treatise on understanding Sufism in today’s world. With the Qur’an and prophetic practice at the core, the book explores Sufism in context of the various important means of propagating Islam. The book gives a straightforward understanding regarding the way of Sufism, its reality, terminology and its relationship to other religious sciences. The last three chapters examine Sufism in view of Islam’s propagation and challenges of today as well as the countering of extremist narratives and terrorism. Written in the author’s uncomplicated style, the book is a worthy and easy-to-understand read on the subject.

The book has been released by Al-Karam Publications and is available for purchase online by visiting AlKaram Publications