Religious Knowledge & Giving Zakat in the UK – Declaration by 313 Scholars

In a moment calling for attention from the community, three hundred and thirteen scholars, masha’ikh and Imams of the United Kingdom have issued a collective and formal declaration titled ‘The issue concerning religious knowledge and the giving of zakat in the United Kingdom’.

The declaration provides a detailed analysis of the issue of zakat in the United Kingdom and the support of religious education and knowledge. The declaration is a landmark step in this regard led by the scholars of the community and provides a thought-provoking analysis discussing the beneficiaries and recipients of zakat and sadaqat al-fitr, in particular the three categories being that of a poor person (faqir), a traveller (musafir) and in the way of Allah (fi sabil Allah); whilst also examining who are the most deserving to receive zakat. In conclusion, the declaration calls for action and understanding regarding the contemporary context and circumstances in light of Islamic teachings on the subject.

Through the declaration, the signatories make the following call: “To this day, we have been sending our zakat and charitable donations to our countries of origin including Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. However, the circumstances of the present time demand that now we spend our zakat, sadaqah, donations and waqf contributions in Great Britain too; build and support dar al-‘ulums and centres of religious knowledge; offer free religious education to our youth; prepare British born scholars and Imams; and preserve the religion and faith of our coming generations.”

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Answering the call of the scholars, earn the reward of both worlds by investing in the future of our community here in the UK by supporting educational centres of religious knowledge. To donate your charity, zakat and sadaqah to Jamia Al-Karam, an established house of knowledge serving the community since 1985, please click here.