Ramadan Sponsor A Scholar Appeal is launched to raise much needed funds


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It has been more than three decades since the establishment of Jamia Al-Karam with its humble beginnings in 1985; that is thirty-one years of its longstanding and dedicated services to the Muslim community of the United Kingdom through education, the transmission of knowledge and the nurturing of the upcoming generations of Muslims and its scholarly leaders. Hundreds of British Imams and male and female Islamic scholars have studied and graduated from Jamia Al-Karam over the years who today serve in different capacities up and down the country, for #LearnAndServe has been at the heart of Jamia Al-Karam.

By the grace of Allah Almighty, these efforts and projects of Jamia Al-Karam and its progress have only been possible due to the generous support of donors and contributors, who allow the institution to pay its bills, maintain its notable 30-acre Eaton Hall campus in Retford and provide lodging and education to the seekers of knowledge, beneath whose feet the angels lay their wings. This is an investment in education, which is the foundation of Islam upon which success of the community is built.

With growing financial challenges, increasing demands and rising costs of living and building maintenance, Jamia Al-Karam is in urgent need of your support today more than ever. Jamia Al-Karam remains a substantial investment in the brighter future of our community and a means of continuous charity, for when lives are changed for the better, the reward is everlasting. With your support, Jamia Al-Karam has changed the lives of hundreds of young Muslims and their families over the past three decades, and with your further support, this service can continue for many more years to come, in sha’ Allah. Through Jamia Al-Karam, together we seek the good of this world and the good of the next world. Let us continue to build on these strong foundations and look towards a brighter future for our children, and deliver change through education.

This is an appeal for you to dig deep into your pockets and support the work of Jamia Al-Karam by donating to the Sponsor A Scholar Appeal this Ramadan. By donating £100, you can cover the cost for one week for a scholar in training at Jamia Al-Karam. Become a sponsor of scholarship today!

By donating £500 or more annually in Ramadan or giving £40 or more per month, you can join Jamia Al-Karam’s unique donor mailing list of the Ansar Club 500 and receive gifts and updates throughout the year.

This is an appeal to individuals as well as mosques and Islamic centres to help Jamia Al-Karam and consider it for their charity during this blessed month of Ramadan by way of single donations, and also for continuous support through regular donations, in sha’ Allah. Give any amount you can as zakat, sadaqah, lillah, donation and gift. Jamia Al-Karam remains grateful for this generosity and trust, and all our donors remain firmly in the prayers of students, teachers and associates of Jamia Al-Karam.

Donate today :  Online: www.justgiving.com/SponsorAScholar | Call us: 01777 706441

Current appeals:

Sponsor A Scholar Appeal

Become a sponsor of scholarship. Sponsor the education, training and nurturing of upcoming scholars today. Sponsor a scholar (alim/alimah) for 1 week by donating £100; sponsor a scholar (alim/alimah) for 10 weeks by donating £1000; or sponsor a scholar (alim/alimah) for 1 year by donating £5000.

Major Investment Appeal 

Immediate projects requiring aid include an energy investment of £70,000 towards solar panels to reduce the electricity bills of the Eaton Hall campus and a substantial cost incurring of over £100,000 in order to replace timber sash windows as a requirement in the listed part of the Eaton Hall campus. Give your zakat, sadaqah, lillah, donation and gift to Jamia Al-Karam of any amount possible to raise these much needed funds, and invest in this world and reap the reward in the hereafter.

Ansar Club 500 Appeal

With an annual donation in Ramadan of £500 or more, or a monthly donation of £40 or more, become a continuous helper, and join a unique club mailing list of Jamia Al-Karam receiving gifts and updates throughout the year.

Sadaqah Jariyah Appeal

Become a regular donor to Jamia Al-Karam by setting up a direct debit monthly donation of £11 per month or any other amount possible. No doubt, little drops of water make a mighty ocean.

Donate today :  Online: www.justgiving.com/SponsorAScholar | Call us: 01777 706441