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An obligation to purify one’s wealth by giving 2.5% in charity – After faith and prayer, this is the third pillar of Islam

Zakat is a virtuous practice with benefits in both worlds. Allah, the Almighty, says: “And establish the prayer (Salat) and pay the prescribed alms (Zakat). And whatever good you send ahead for yourselves, you will surely find its fruit with Allah. Indeed Allah is ever Watchful of what you do.” [Qur’an 2:110]

Spend in the way of Allah, the Almighty, with understanding – Support students of sacred knowledge and strengthen the religion

Amongst the eight categories of recipients of Zakat stated in the sublime Qur’an, one is to spend in the way of Allah, the Almighty. Students of knowledge are entitled to Zakat in this category, and al-Fatawa al-Zahiriyyah states that this category essentially refers to only students of knowledge. Al-Haskafi states: “Being occupied solely in the pursuit of studies, a student of knowledge is unable to go and earn a livelihood. Therefore, it is permissible for the student to take Zakat, even if he is wealthy.” Ibn ‘Abidin al-Shami in Radd al-Muhtar further explains this: “Each person is in

need of certain basic necessities and essential requirements of life. If it was not permissible for a student of knowledge to take Zakat, then he would have to spend his wealth in order to fulfil his basic needs (of food, clothing, shelter, etc.). After spending his wealth to cover the costs of living, the student would end up being in need and thereby his pursuit of knowledge would come to a halt. The religion becomes weak by the absence of scholars.” [Qur’an: The Sublime Word]

Give your Zakat in the UK with confidence – Help upcoming Muslim scholars and leaders reach their potential

“To this day, we have been sending our Zakat and charitable donations to our countries of origin including Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. However, the circumstances of the present time demand that now we spend our Zakat, Sadaqah, donations and Waqf contributions in Great Britain too; build and support Dar al-‘Ulums and centres of religious knowledge; offer free religious education to our youth; prepare British scholars and Imams; and preserve the religion and faith of our coming generations.” [The issue concerning religious knowledge and the giving of Zakat in the United Kingdom; A declaration by 313 scholars]

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Read article: The issue concerning religious knowledge and the giving of Zakat in the United Kingdom; A declaration by 313 scholars