Jamia Al-Karam hosts its Alumni Eid Dinner at Eaton Hall

On Sunday 10 July, Jamia Al-Karam welcomed its graduates and former students of the Faculty of Dars Nizami for a special Eid dinner with the founder and principal, Shaykh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada. Graduates representing various generations of students and year groups from 1985 to 2015 gathered together for a session of gratitude and reflection, followed by lunch and informal discussions. Networking as well as meeting and greeting graduates from different years continued whilst sharing experiences of one another. From Imams and deliverers of sermons in mosques to school teachers and religious chaplains within various sectors of UK society attended the event.

During the formal session, the vice-principal Bakhtyar Pirzada al-Azhari welcomed the attendees and reflected on activities that have occurred during the past year. In particular, tribute was paid to all those graduates, donors, supporters and senior elder scholars of the UK who contributed and assisted in the recent Jamia Al-Karam appeal during Ramadan. Tribute was also paid to Shaykh Pirzada for his scholarly wisdom and leadership. In his address, Shaykh Pirzada reflected on his past and achievements whilst also highlighting and addressing the coming challenges of the future, and how the religious discourse and leadership will need to shape itself to better serve the good of the Muslim community and the wider British society.