Influential Shaykh Tijani Ali Cisse of Senegal visits Jamia Al-Karam

Shaykh Ahmad Tijani Ali Cisse is leader of Western Africa’s key position of Islamic leadership, the Grand Mosque of Madina Baye in Senegal.

On 27th July 2016, the influential Shaykh Ahmad Tijani Ali Cisse visited Jamia Al-Karam and met with the founder and principal, Shaykh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada. Shaykh Tijani Ali Cisse is counted as the 13th most influential Muslim in the world, a scholar of Al-Azhar and head of the prominent Grand Mosque of Madina Baye in Senegal, which is one of Western Africa’s key positions of Islamic leadership, and the leader of the global Tijaniyya Sufi Order (Fayda Tijaniyya), which is the largest Sufi Order in Western Africa.

Shaykh Tijani Ali Cisse was welcomed by Shaykh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada and the vice-principal, Bakhtyar Pirzada al-Azhari, who previously attended the Tijaniyya Annual Conference in Luton. Shaykh Tijani Ali Cisse and his delegation toured the Eaton Hall campus in Retford and saw the activities and various projects being undertaken under the auspice of Shaykh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada as well as the work of WAAG UK under the auspice of the Grand Imam, Dr Ahmad al-Tayyeb Shaykh al-Azhar. A short reception in honour of the guests was organized which was attended by students of knowledge, guests and other dignitaries. In his address, Shaykh Tijani Ali Cisse spoke on the importance of understanding and acting upon Islam in light of love and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and grant him peace).

Bakhtyar Pirzada al-Azhari welcomed the arrival of Shaykh Tijani Ali Cisse in the UK and commented on the teachings and achievements of Shaykh-ul-Islam Ibrahim Niass (ra) – the leading figure of the Tijaniyya during the past century. Upon conclusion of the reception, Shaykh Pirzada on behalf of the UK Branch of the World Association for Al-Azhar Graduates (WAAG UK) presented a Peace Award to Shaykh Tijani Ali Cisse in appreciation for his work in Senegal and other parts of the world in promoting peace and spirituality.