Finsbury Park attack: Statement form the British Muslim Forum

Following the tragic events in London, the British Muslim Forum, which is chaired by the Principal of Jamia Al-Karam, Shaykh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada, issued the following statement.

The BMF condemns terror attack at Finsbury Park in London

The British Muslim Forum strongly condemns yet another terrorist attack in Britain that occurred last night at Finsbury Park in London. The horrific attack targeted innocent Muslims as they returned from the mosque following the Ramadan prayers. One person has lost his life and around ten have been injured, when a van in high speed ran over the worshippers.

This abhorrent attack is a display of hatred and senseless violence. Extremism in all its forms, including religious fanaticism, far right fascism and Islamophobia, must be challenged robustly. The attack is an attack on all citizens of this country and we must stand united to defeat the forces of division.

BMF Spokesperson and Imam at Leeds Makkah Mosque, Imam Qari Asim MBE said: “It’s appalling that someone motivated by hatred has once again sought to kill and maim innocent people on Britain’s streets.

“Fascists of the far right and ISIS extremists alike both hate our society and its values. Through terrorism they seek to tear it apart. It’s important that we seek out those who incite hatred, of whatever form, to challenge and condemn their vile actions. There can be no tolerance of religious hatred in our country.”

“Millions of people came together all over Britain this weekend, with their friends, neighbours and with complete strangers, to share all that we have in common at the Great Get Together.  That showed Britain at its best – a peaceful, tolerant, welcoming society and a wonderful place to live. We must stand firm and defend that society together.”

“Given that there has been five-fold increase in anti-Muslim hatred since the London Bridge attack, Muslims are deeply concerned and anxious about growing levels of Islamophobia. But we must remain calm and vigilant, and increase security around mosques. We must stand together to drown out extremism and hatred with hope, and unity.”