Jamia Al-Karam is situated at the large campus of Eaton Hall that was formerly a teachers’ training college and so benefits from a beautiful natural landscape as well as the necessary facilities and provisions required for a residential and educational setting. The site comprises of a large mosque and prayer hall, single or shared bedrooms with washbasins and individual storage cupboards, numerous washroom facilities, indoor gymnasium and games rooms, lounges and television areas, large library, spacious canteen and professional kitchen, classrooms and lecture halls, green fields and beautiful lawns as well as playing fields, and more. The facilities of the site and the natural scenic landscape supplement the experience of the students, quenching their thirst for knowledge, and provide them with an environment ideal for collective study, private study, reflection and spiritual development.

At Jamia Al-Karam, students are expected to engage actively in their study and develop themselves scholarly, academically and spiritually. Practicing the religion and adhering to its traditional values are given great importance. Student performance is not only judged through academic examinations, rather positive character and attitude development as well as religious observance and traits of ethics are also part of the intended goal.

As seekers of knowledge and spiritual development, the students are expected to display the best of character, code of conduct and Islamic values, thereby become positive members of the student community and role models for fellow students. Moreover, students have the opportunity to develop their skills in many areas including as an Imam, public speaker, counsellor, event manager, teacher, etc. Students are further expected to contribute to the betterment of the Jamia Al-Karam institution and campus, and the environment and community as a whole.

Post-diploma Opportunities

Upon completion of the two diploma programmes of Jamia Al-Karam, Foundation Diploma in Islamic Sciences and Classical Arabic (FDIS) and the Advanced Diploma in Islamic Sciences and Traditional Scholarship (ADIS), students enjoy numerous next-step opportunities which include the following:

1. Continuation in further and higher education in the field of Islamic Studies or otherwise at colleges and universities around the country. These opportunities are subject to any individual conditions set by the institution applied to.

2. Further degree level study at Al-Azhar University in Cairo (Egypt) in the faculties of Usul al-Din (Theology – departments of Tafsir, Hadith or ‘Aqidah), Shari‘ah Islamiyyah (Islamic Jurisprudence) or Islamic Studies. This is subject to any assessment deemed necessary at Al-Azhar University to confirm the individual’s suitability for enrolment into relevant year and faculty of study.

3. There is opportunity to complete the celebrated dawra-e hadith programme which comprises of intensive study of prophetic traditions from the canonical compilations at Dar al-‘Ulum Muhammadiyyah Ghawthiyyah in Bhera, Pakistan. This course normally covers the final year of the Dars Nizami syllabus in various institutions.

4. Continuation to the Diploma in Contextual Islamic Studies & Leadership at the Cambridge Muslim College. This is subject to the enrolment procedure of the college.

5. Begin career as Imam in prominent UK mosque arranged by Jamia Al-Karam and the Office of the Founder & Principal. This is subject to Jamia Al-Karam’s assessment of the graduate’s suitability and ensures continued in-service training and guidance from the institution. The added value of this approach is the credibility and strong backing from the nationally recognised Jamia Al-Karam as well as continuous support, training and guidance.

6. Opportunity to pursue other career paths in medicine, law, academia, etc. whilst being well equipped with the firm scholarly understanding of Islam and its sciences.