Appeal for donations These efforts and projects of Jamia Al-Karam, as well as maintenance of the notable Eaton Hall site in Retford, have continued due to the favour of Almighty Allah and the contribution of individuals from the Muslim community as well as the committed support from mosques and Islamic centres throughout the country. Jamia Al-Karam remains grateful for this generosity and trust. With ever growing financial challenges and rising costs of living and building maintenance, Jamia Al-Karam is in urgent need of your support more than ever. Jamia Al-Karam remains a substantial investment in the brighter future of the Muslim community and a means of continuous charity (sadaqah jariyah); for when lives are changed for the better, the reward is everlasting. With your support, Jamia Al-Karam has changed the lives of hundreds of young Muslims over the past three decades, and with your further support, this service can continue for many more years to come, in sha’ Allah. Ways to donate:
  1. Charitable donation Give your zakat, sadaqah, lillah, donation and gift to Jamia Al-Karam, and invest in this world and reap the reward in the hereafter.
  1. Continuous charity Become a regular donor to Jamia Al-Karam by setting up a direct debit monthly donation of £11 per month or any other amount.
  1. Ansār Club 500 With an annual donation (in Ramadan or otherwise) of £500 or more, become a continuous helper, and join a unique club mailing list of Jamia Al-Karam.
  1. Sponsor an Ālim By donating £3500, sponsor the education of an Alim for one year. The unimaginable reward for such charity lies with Almighty Allah.
Means to donate:
  1. Online donation You can make a one-off or a regular donation quickly and securely using the form opposite on this page.
  1. Cheque Make your cheque payable to ‘Jamia Al-Karam’ and send to: Jamia Al-Karam, Eaton Hall, Retford, Nottinghamshire, DN22 0PR.
  1. Bank Transfer Make a bank transfer through your online banking or in your branch using the bank details below: Account Name: Jamia Al-Karam Bank: HSBC Bank plc Sort Code: 40-28-40 Account Number: 70025038 IBAN: GB20MIDL40284070025038 BIC/Swift Code: MIDLGB2188A
  1. JustGiving You can also donate or fundraise for Jamia Al-Karam via JustGiving, visit