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Shaykh Pirzada hosts Friends of Al-Karam Dinner at Jamia Al-Karam

On Sunday 29 May 2016, Jamia Al-Karam held an intimate Friends of Al-Karam dinner which was attended by supporters and well-wishers of the institution who have continued to help it progress over the past three decades. The occasion saw elders and members of the younger generations all gather for a day of reflection, lunch and […]

Maulana Bostan al-Qadiri – Influential British Muslim elder passes away

Having served the religion of Islam and the British Muslim community since 1962, the dedicated and influential scholar and elder of the Ahl al-Sunnah wa’l-Jama‘ah community in the United Kingdom, Maulana Muhammad Bostan al-Qadiri (ra), has today passed away. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un (Indeed we are for Allah and to Him we return). […]

Muslim View interviews Shaykh Pirzada on 30 years of Jamia Al-Karam

The year 2015 marked thirty years of Jamia Al-Karam, which was founded in 1985 by Shaykh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada. Initially set up as a small educational endeavour in Milton Keynes, the institution moved to its present location at Eaton Hall in Retford in 1995. Today Jamia Al-Karam plays an important role in nurturing, educating […]

‘The Peril of Insanity’ – The Vice-Principal’s statement on recent tragic events

THE PERIL OF INSANITY – WE ARE ONE FAMILY! Once again we find ourselves struggling to cope with our heartfelt pain, grief and deep sorrow at the unfolding terror and indiscriminate violence committed in numerous parts of the world. How quickly we forget that we are one human family. We have become so distanced from […]

Al-Karam Roadshow 2016 is well underway

Jamia Al-Karam has begun its Al-Karam Roadshow 2016 events travelling through to different towns and cities around the country to provide feedback to local communities regarding the works and projects of the institution as well as educational opportunities for prospective new students. On a regular basis, lecturers of Jamia Al-Karam, senior staff, graduates and students, […]

New revised edition of the acclaimed ‘Islamic Way of Worship’ is now available

The new revised edition of ‘Islamic Way of Worship’ featuring a fresh translation of the Arabic text ‘Imdad al-Fiqh fi’l-‘Ibadat’ authored by Shaykh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada has been released by Al-Karam Publications and is now available. ‘Islamic Way of Worship’ is a modern day accessible and uncomplicated rendering of the classic works of fiqh […]