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Gillani Noor Masjid in Stoke-on-Trent recognised for ‘Every Hour Counts’ syllabus

Jamia Al-Karam warmly welcomed the dedicated education team of Gillani Noor Masjid Longton in Stoke-on-Trent and discussed progress of the Foundation to Alim Course, which has concluded one full year of studies and now the second year begins, with a new cohort of students for year 1. The course is based on Jamia Al-Karam’s ‘Every […]

Vice-Principal of Jamia Al-Karam leads Graduates’ Delegation to Cairo, Egypt

From 22nd July to 24th July, the Vice-Principal of Jamia Al-Karam, Bakhtyar Pirzada al-Azhari, who is also the Vice-President of Al-Azhar Alumni UK based at Jamia Al-Karam, led a delegation to Cairo, Egypt, where they attended various functions and meetings at Al-Azhar University as well as other centres in Cairo. The visit was jointly organised […]

Young British Imams and female teachers begin specialist training course at Al-Azhar Al-Sharif

Deputy to the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Shaykh Dr Abdul Fadeel al-Qawsi, welcomed on Sunday young British Imams and female teachers to Al-Azhar Al-Sharif for a four week specialist training course delving into the rich intellectual tradition of Islam at the hands of the senior expert scholars of Al-Azhar in various sciences, in order to […]

First ‘Specialisation in Islamic Law’ Course Completed at Jamia Al-Karam

It was a humbling day at Jamia Al-Karam today with a graduation ceremony filled with gratitude and reflection. Students completing their six years of study at Jamia Al-Karam, in particular undergoing the first ever intensive and wide-ranging one year programme leading to the Higher Diploma of Specialisation in Islamic Law graduated today. In addition to […]

Annual Gathering 2019 and Urs Conference to be held on 23 June 2019

The Jamia Al-Karam Annual Gathering 2019 & 21st Urs Conference commemorating the life, legacy and achievements of the erudite Sufi scholar, Zia-ul-Ummat Justice Pir Muhammad Karam Shah al-Azhari (1918-1998), will be held at Jamia Al-Karam in Retford on Sunday 23rd June 2019. The Annual Gathering 2019 will be presided by the honourable Pir Muhammad Amin […]

Graduates of Jamia Al-Karam mark the International Day of Al-Azhar hosted by Al-Azhar Alumni UK

Al-Azhar Alumni UK, which is the UK Branch of the World Organisation for Al-Azhar Graduates, hosted an evening of gratitude and reflection on Thursday 30 May 2019 in Bradford, West Yorkshire, in order to mark the International Day of Al-Azhar, honouring 1079 years since the establishment of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif. The evening comprised of a formal […]

Jamia Al-Karam hosted an Open Day for Mosque & Madrasa Pupils.

On Wednesday 17 April 2019, Jamia Al-Karam hosted its first open day for mosque and madrasa pupils from across the country. The open day provided an opportunity for the attendees to visit the historic campus of Eaton Hall, see the work and activities of Jamia Al-Karam, learn about its history and objectives, and to meet […]

New Zealand attack: Statement from the British Muslim Forum

Following the tragic events in Christchurch, New Zealand, the British Muslim Forum, which is chaired by the Principal of Jamia Al-Karam, Shaykh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada, issued the following statement. Also, read ‘The Peril of Insanity’ by the Vice-Principal of Jamia Al-Karam written in March 2016, and remains ever more relevant: The BMF condemns attack […]