Vice-Principal attends an evening with Shaykh Abdullah Bin Bayyan on ‘Islam in a Globalising World’

The Vice-Principal, Bakhtyar Pirzada al-Azhari, attended an evening with Shaykh Abdullah Bin Bayyah (Forum for Peace, UAE) and Shaykh Hamza Yusuf (Zaytuna College, USA), on Thursday 2 November 2017. The evening was titled ‘Islam in a Globalising World’ and was jointly hosted in London by the Forum for Peace and Imams Online.

During the evening, Shaykh Hamza met a number of graduates of Jamia Al-Karam who attended the evening including Shaykh Rizwan Hussian al-Azhari (Southampton), Imam Hasan Rabbani al-Azhari (Glasgow), Imam Mansoor Mahmood (London), and Shaykh Yazdani Raza Misbahi (London) was also in attendance. During their conversation, Shaykh Hamza conveyed his salam and regards to the Founder and Principal of Jamia Al-Karam, Shaykh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada, and conversed with the Vice-Principal regarding Shaykh Pirzada’s Qur’an commentary, the Tafsir Imdad-ul-Karam. Shaykh Hamza has met Shaykh Pirzada on numerous occasions with pleasant memories of teaching for 4 weeks during the first Rihla programme held at Jamia Al-Karam in Retford back in the summer of 1996.

Other scholars in attendance included Imam Qari Muhammad Asim MBE, Allama Muhammad Shahid Raza Na’eemi OBE, Allama Rabbani Afghani and Mufti Faiz Rasool. The panel also included Dr Matar Salem al-Kaabi (Minister for Islamic Affairs, UAE) and Br Shaukat Waraich (Imams Online).